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Origin In the history of many races and castes got great regard for their remarkable services rendered services in education religion and literature and fine arts. One among such castes is 'Reddy'. No other word in India has got such a detailed and convincing history as the word 'Reddy'. Reddy’s are farmers, they are Kings, they are Journalists, they are Poets, they are Patriots who stood in front row in the freedom fight, and they are Writers, Politicians. If you question your self what they are not? Answer will be they are everything and they are in every field. Several patriots from

REDDY community caring very less for their properties and participated in freedom fight and lost their lives for the Independence of India. Eminent historians like Dr.Beryl and Dr.Mallampally Somasekhara Sharma proved on the basis of inscriptional evidence that The present word ‘REDDY’ has traveled several thousands of years changing its name several times to reach the present day. It was RATTAGUDI in 7th Century and was RATTOTI in the years 894. It was RADDHODI And RATHOD, and RATTADI in 10th century. It has then changed its Communities name As RATTAJIKAMU in1100, RADRIKAMU in 1153, RADI in 1238, and RADDI, and then Finally Settled asREDDY”.

Reddy Population

Reddy’s Population Till now 36 branches among Reddy Community are located and identified. As per 1991census almost 12%(96lakhs) of Andhra Pradesh state comprises of Reddy’s in Karnataka almost 6%(36 Lakhs), Tamilnadu 38 lakhs, Pondichery, Andaman and Nikobar it is 3,00,000. Remaining parts of India and world 10 lakhs. The Okkalinga community identifies itself with Reddy’s who are almost 60 lakhs in the state. In this way there are 22.5 million Reddy’s through out the world. It is estimated that there nearly 5,000 surnames in this community. But till now 1577 were located and collected.

Reddy Kingdoms

Reddy Kingdoms Several historians researched to know the origin of the Reddy Community. Having read all the Literature one can come to a conclusion that the famous historian and researcher Mr.B.N.Shastry’s writing could give us clear picture about it. Mr. Shastry in his book Reddy Rajya Sarwaswam revealed several interesting facts about Reddy community. Having studied several books one could be able to know that the existence of Reddy community was traced back to 11th and 12th Centuries. After the fall of Kakatiyas Reddys who were army commanders established their own kingdoms and built several dams and lakes for farming and drinking purpose, which still serve the purpose. They loved literature and fine arts. Prolaya Vema Reddy- (1324-1347) made Yerrapragada his court official where as Pedakomati Vema Reddy (1402-1420) appointed Sreenatha as Poet Laureate Though some historians have reservations without any doubts Reddy’s were Rajputs. There is concrete evidence for these claim Rashtrakutas are Simhadwaja Lanchanulu. Pedakomati Vema Reddy also had the same Lanchanam. There are authentic proofs that Reddy community has marital relationship with Kshatriya’s (Kings). Mahamuni Kavya Kantha Ganapathi Shastry who wrote the fore word for Mr.Shastry’s book Reddy Rajya Sarvaswam mentioned this very clearly. Bheema Raju son of Bhakthiswara Choda who belongs to Surya Vamsha Karikala Choda Vamsha married his daughter Vemabika to Allada Reddy who was residing in Raja Mahendra Varam (Now called as Rajahmundry). This was according to the research of the history said to be the 1st marriage between Reddy and Kshatriya Communities. There are proofs that Kind Dantuluri Ganna Bhoopal gave away his daughter Surambika to Ana Vema Reddy who ruled Addanki, Dharanikota, Kondaveedu in the marriage. The history also tells us that the very famous King among Chandra Vamsha Kings Harihara Deva Rayadu married his daughter Hariharamba to Kataya Vema Reddy. All these things prove that Reddy’s are kings.

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